Thursday, February 24, 2011

c'est la vie

get to know wat u nid to do, plan ahead of time according to your capabilities... then execute it with a positive attitute, that is with a happy mind and with a mindset that its my own responsibility, when you grow up, its time for you to shoulder more and more responsibilities, don take it as a burden, take it as a chance to train urself to become a better person.

yeah... talking in such a positive tone seems not so realistic... life's full of unwanted circumstances, hence, bringing anxiety into our lives. this transforms into lots of fear, that what if i fail, what if something unfortunate happens on me, how will my life turn into? fears, fears, fears... they are the sources of stress, deterring our march forward, worst still, some go nuts driven by fear.

so, wat can we do with it? nthg! we can only take control of the process, but not the outcome... wen you have already done your part, the remaining part lies on fate! 

fear doesnt help in anything... so wen u are executing ur plans, and fear gets into u, and so is stress... stop it... tell yourself fear doesnt help in anything, its more constructive if you were to review your plans, see what went wrong that allowed fear to creep into u, if there's a problem in the plan, make modifications, if not, everything is already there, thats wat u managed to do, then, the FEAR is just some crap, ignore it! smile towards it!

of course, some would say, all we are working for, its the OUTCOME, and now u are telling me not to bother about it??? i m not saying not to bother about it, but its out of our control... outcome is a chemistry of ur effort, the timing, the luck and fate you see...

not to say outcome is not important, its important! but processes take up a big chunk of our lives, learn to enjoy the process by living with a positive attitude, AND also learn to live with the outcomes that we get... if its a good outcome, then yippppeeeee! very happy; if it isn't that good, learn to accept it, and try to come up with some plans to turn things round. 

conclusion: 1) do not fear, knowing the fact that you will accept the reality but with the belief that you will try your best to turn things round when the goings aren't right.

                 2) enjoy the process, do not complain too frequently! haha. work in a positive way according to your capabilities, see more things, meet more people, have more focuses in our lives!

Monday, November 29, 2010




hmmmm... after some very tiring and quite depressing periods, finally I get the chance to refresh myself. It was already midnight when we meet up in Tung Chung, very very tired. We were very worried that we will faint half way up the mountain! HAHAHAHA!

This was a gathering of my university buddy, Tina with her friends, and she had asked us to join them! I appreciate this very much, and is very happy to get along with them, especially Zoe, Cyrus, Leung Kau, M.K., Jack, Jason and more! They were very re qing, and had make us feel very welcomed among them! Hahahaha...

We started hiking at around 2? couldn't really remember... LOL! Even before we started, I can already feel the strong wind... I think we have underestimated the cold temperature we would get at the peak... guess what, we did not bring enough clothes to protect us from the cold wind!

And as we are hiking up, very very tiring, steps, steps and more steps... for around 3 hours time! We reached the peak at around 445am, the wind is so strong and cold up there, and we were told that it is not until 2 hours later at 645am, only the sun will rise! 2 hours, its 2 hours! Me and Nixon was wondering how are we going to live through this very "cooling" condition with just 2 sweaters, very normal sweaters when others are with thick Columbia or North Face winter coats! Luckily Zoe had brought a sleeping bag, and so for the 2 hours, me and Nixon shared the sleeping bag as a protection from the strong cold wind, just like the refugees in the refugee camps...

And after the long wait, the sky started to brighten up, the small place up on the peak was cramped with so many people that we find it difficult to move around. So many of us came up here anticipating for the majestic sunrise. And here it comes, so breathtakingly beautiful! I have always thought that sunrise should be not much different from sunset. I was wrong! The color of the whole scene is so different! Check it out from the pictures above and you will know why I have said this.

And after some photograph session, we started our way down. Along the way, the scenery is just simply magnificent. I think its a very "向世界出发" feel... This gave me a feel of "there's really still lots of things other than our future career, money, status and power". I don't really know how to describe the feeling. I do not actually know what I am thinking then. I just have a very strong feeling of how timid we are, I feel very much of going home, to get back to my loved ones, my friends, especially when the airport is just beside us... hehe...

well... feelings are just feelings... Now I am back to reality, back to school for another 3 weeks ++ before I am on my way back to sg and pg! That's life... C'est la vie...

Sunday, November 14, 2010

陳奕迅 「上五樓的快活」多少 官方完整MV



我用盡所有方式 找個人給我安慰
我問守護的天使 也許她能夠體會
走到無路可退 我還能相信誰

用多少天 用多少年的跌跌撞撞才找到終點

我走在這個城市 熟悉又陌生的臉
我問守護的天使 也許她能夠體會
走到無路可退 我還能相信誰

轉載來自 ※ 魔鏡歌詞網 
用多少天 用多少年的跌跌撞撞才找到終點

我沒有任何防備 沒方向到處地追
黑或白找不到個絕對 全都是灰

用多少天 用多少年的跌跌撞撞才找到終點


Wednesday, October 6, 2010







現今許多人適婚卻不婚,老人家看了奇怪,過去從沒發生過類似狀況。這現象代表五、六十年來沒有戰亂、年輕人長大過程中享有家庭溫暖與親情支援,因此認為單 身也能過得很好,不論敗犬或是單身貴族,不覺得非要個伴,是歷史上首度可以一個人過日子的平安歲月。衰老未至,沒有歲月的壓力,等年齡到了,開始覺得孤 獨、害怕孤獨,想找個人分享,還是需要個伴。









以前一個人在台北發展,要自己照顧自己,還要爭名奪利,不自私很難在短時間之內成就自己。結婚之後學著喊太太的媽媽「媽!」,有食物,不能先放進自己嘴 巴,要顧著妻小先吃。我開始懂得心疼與珍惜,因為太太很好,捨不得讓她不舒服、捨不得讓她傷心,這些捨不得讓我自然學會了讓、學會了愛,也自然的改變自 己,從自私變成大方。



當然,歲月無情,人生最終還是分離。像我媽媽十六歲嫁給爸爸,相守相愛了一輩子,爸爸十多年前過世之後,媽媽真像少了一半,常凝望遠方,像爸爸就在天的那 一邊,令人感傷。但人生如果少了婚姻、少了隨之而來的酸甜苦辣生老病死,少了孩子延續家的價值與感情,真會少掉很多滋味。 

Saturday, October 2, 2010