Thursday, February 24, 2011

c'est la vie

get to know wat u nid to do, plan ahead of time according to your capabilities... then execute it with a positive attitute, that is with a happy mind and with a mindset that its my own responsibility, when you grow up, its time for you to shoulder more and more responsibilities, don take it as a burden, take it as a chance to train urself to become a better person.

yeah... talking in such a positive tone seems not so realistic... life's full of unwanted circumstances, hence, bringing anxiety into our lives. this transforms into lots of fear, that what if i fail, what if something unfortunate happens on me, how will my life turn into? fears, fears, fears... they are the sources of stress, deterring our march forward, worst still, some go nuts driven by fear.

so, wat can we do with it? nthg! we can only take control of the process, but not the outcome... wen you have already done your part, the remaining part lies on fate! 

fear doesnt help in anything... so wen u are executing ur plans, and fear gets into u, and so is stress... stop it... tell yourself fear doesnt help in anything, its more constructive if you were to review your plans, see what went wrong that allowed fear to creep into u, if there's a problem in the plan, make modifications, if not, everything is already there, thats wat u managed to do, then, the FEAR is just some crap, ignore it! smile towards it!

of course, some would say, all we are working for, its the OUTCOME, and now u are telling me not to bother about it??? i m not saying not to bother about it, but its out of our control... outcome is a chemistry of ur effort, the timing, the luck and fate you see...

not to say outcome is not important, its important! but processes take up a big chunk of our lives, learn to enjoy the process by living with a positive attitude, AND also learn to live with the outcomes that we get... if its a good outcome, then yippppeeeee! very happy; if it isn't that good, learn to accept it, and try to come up with some plans to turn things round. 

conclusion: 1) do not fear, knowing the fact that you will accept the reality but with the belief that you will try your best to turn things round when the goings aren't right.

                 2) enjoy the process, do not complain too frequently! haha. work in a positive way according to your capabilities, see more things, meet more people, have more focuses in our lives!


  1. haiyo, everyone would like to be like dis la. who doesn't want to have dis mindset? zou dou sin dak ga!!! LOL so show me a good role model, dai ko!

  2. haik! wa ta shi gambatte desu!

    wahahahaha! hoikkkkkkkk!

  3. c'est la vie~
    c'est la vie~
    c'est la vie~~~